SLANT was founded in 1986 by Richard Hudson, who also served as its first editor until 1993. An annual publication, SLANT features poets from across the United States, with occasional appearances by poets from other countries as well. Its editorial tastes are broad, but in all cases it looks for craft in making and freshness of sensibility. Poets must demonstrate keenness of ear and eye as they render pieces that would strike an experienced reader as being complete, right from start to finish. And, unlike many journals, SLANT looks favorably upon traditional verse forms and narrative poetry.

Among those who have published in SLANT are such poets as Robert Cooperman, Nancy Scott, Charles Harper Webb, Gaylord Brewer, Pearl Karrer, Philip Dacey, and Susan Richardson. Poets whose work verges on the experimental or brash–Marc Jampole, John McKernan, Mark Taksa–have also found a place in the pages of SLANT. A touch of strangeness or an active sense of fun does count as an asset. 

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